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  • Sheryl talks with Rolling Stone about her upcoming new album, "Be Myself", her longtime collaborator Jeff Trott, the country music marketplace and more in this exclusive interview (featuring photos by Tchad Blake!) - read it here:

  • THE 2017 BIRTHDAY DRIVE IS HERE! The Sheryl Crow Birthday Drive was started in 2001 by members of Sheryl’s Fan Forum as a way to celebrate her birthday on February 11. Since then, Sheryl’s fans from around the world have donated over $215,000 to the Delta Children’s Home in Kennett. Their kindness and generosity has helped many, many children at a time when they needed help the most.

    Even though the Fan Forum went on hiatus, the Fan Forum members still band together to sponsor the annual Birthday Drive. Gregg Dempsey, former Forum Moderator and long-time DCH supporter, passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of 2016. We carry on the mission to aid children in his memory.

    Fans can make donations directly to DCH by:

    PayPal at You can use either your PayPal balance, credit card or direct from your bank balance.

    Check or Cash. (We gladly accept foreign currency).

    Mail to: Delta Children’s Home – Birthday Drive, P.O. Box 573, Kennett, MO 63857.

    For more information, visit:

    Let's make 2017 the best Birthday Drive ever! Team Sheryl

  • Don't miss Sheryl performing on the 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors on Tuesday, December 27th at 8PM on CBS! Click here for more info:

    Click here to watch Sheryl discuss her love for James Taylor's music on Kennedy Center Red Carpet:


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