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  • Sheryl Crow joins ROGER WATERS And the Musicians of MusicCorps
    A special Benefit Concert
    to Aid the Wounded Veterans of MusiCorps
    at Washington DC’s DAR on Friday 16 October

    plus special guests
    Billy Corgan, and Tom Morello

    Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday 26 June and are available at

    Music Heals, an exceptional one night only concert, where some of the world’s biggest recording artists will join forces to raise money for MusiCorps - a charity supporting injured service men and women and their families. MusiCorps Band is made up of injured service members who have learned, and in some cases relearned, how to play instruments through the charity.

    Roger Waters has supported MusiCorps for a number of years and served as a mentor to members of the MusiCorps Band, playing with the veterans at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC and encouraging their love of music as part of the rehabilitation process.

    Roger Waters says: "The work I have done over the last few years with these men and women has been some of the most rewarding work I have ever done."

    MusiCorps is a non-profit charitable organization which helps wounded veterans play music and recover their lives. Praised by the Wall Street Journal as “revolutionary,” the conservatory-level program enables the wounded to learn, relearn, and perform music as a core part of their rehabilitation. MusiCorps is based at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside of Washington, DC, and is raising support and awareness in advance of national expansion.

    Arthur Bloom, MusiCorps founder & CNN Top 10 Hero, 2014 says: "By injecting music into this space, we can inject life."

    For more information about MusiCorps, visit:

  • Sheryl will perform on the season finale of NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, May 19th, joining Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, John Fogerty, Ed Sheeran and Meghan Trainor. She last appeared on The Voice in 2013, performing "Easy" from the album "Feels Like Home", and was a mentor for Team Blake in Season 4.

    Get more details here on Entertainment Weekly:

    And more about the finale on the official website of The Voice:

    Don't miss it!

  • Ten years. Ten days. Ten homes. Ten-thousand jeans. On behalf of the Cotton Incorporated Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program, nine-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is asking consumers to recycle their unwanted denim to help rebuild New Orleans, an area still feeling the repercussions of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Blue Jeans Go Green™ has set a collection goal of 10,000 pieces of denim, which will be transformed into UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation by manufacturing partner Bonded Logic, Inc., and then provided to a ten-home Build-A-Thon being conducted by New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity set for May 20 – 30.

    In honor of the 10 year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation imposed on the Gulf South, Cotton Incoporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program will participate in the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon event. This “Rebuilding America” event will commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and take place on America Street.

    "I hope to influence as many people as possible to recycle their denim through the Blue Jeans Go Green™ program," said Sheryl. "It's a really simple way to help the environment, help communities in need and complete an environmental cycle that begins on the farm and ends with us. To think that my old jeans could help insulate a house is just an incredible idea, I'm excited to work with Cotton Incorporated on this initiative."

    Leading up to the Build-A-Thon event, Blue Jeans Go Green™ is aiming to collect 10,000 pieces of denim in order to produce enough insulation for the 10 homes being built.

    The Blue Jeans Go Green™ program has committed to provide UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation for all 10 homes being built. To help insulate the houses, we are asking for your help! Together with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, we believe that we will best honor the losses endured by so many during the hurricanes by moving forward with passion, respect and renewed dedication. The Build-A-Thon embodies this message by delivering both optimism and tangible results.

    FUN FACT: Approximately 1,000 pieces of denim insulates one Habitat for Humanity house.

    Over the past 40 years, U.S. cotton growers have reduced pesticide applications by 50%, reduced irrigation water applications by 40%, and have grown twice as much cotton on 30% less acreage. Sheryl Crow, who was born and raised in the Cotton Belt state of Missouri, supports the Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative, which brings the environmental gains cotton growers have made in the field full-circle by diverting textiles from landfills and helping to rebuild communities.

    Since 2006, the Cotton Incorporated Blue Jeans Go Green™ program has helped rebuild communities by providing hundreds of thousands of square feet of UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation to Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the country. Over that time span the program has diverted more than one million pieces of denim --- roughly 600 tons --- from landfills, and created approximately two million square feet of insulation for communities in need.

    "The average consumer owns seven pairs of jeans," says Andrea Samber, co-director of Strategic Alliances at Cotton Incorporated. "Giving just one of them to the recycling drive can make a big difference in a family's life." Information on where to recycle denim through Blue Jeans Go Green™ can be found at

    Samber explains that the program has a long history in the New Orleans area. "Participating in a Habitat for Humanity build there in 2007 was one of the first activities of Blue Jeans Go Green™. Since then we have given just over half a million square feet to the Gulf South, alone. We're happy to still be involved, and to be collaborating with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity on this ambitious ten-home, ten-day Build-A-Thon."

    "New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity is thrilled to have Blue Jeans Go Green™ support our efforts to build ten houses in ten days to mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita," said Jim Pate, Executive Director of NOAHH."By providing insulation for our build, the program is making a significant contribution to affordable housing and sustainable living that will positively affect families in New Orleans for generations to come. We are also very grateful to Sheryl Crow for her leadership and participation," he said.

    More than 600 volunteers will come together in New Orleans to participate in the ten-day build on America Street. Included will be 500 active service AmeriCorps volunteers, as well as alumni and other volunteer groups from around the country that will all will be reuniting in New Orleans for the Build-A-Thon.

    About New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity

    The New Orleans Area chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been active since 1983. Its mission is: to build homes in partnership with sponsors, volunteers, communities, and homeowner families, whereby families are empowered to transform their own lives; and to eliminate substandard housing in the New Orleans area while serving as a catalyst to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

    About Bonded Logic

    With more than 35 years of insulation experience, Bonded Logic Inc. markets and manufactures a wide range of thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries. Based in Chandler, Arizona, Bonded Logic offers a superior performing natural fiber product to meet every insulation need, while keeping consumers and the environment safe and healthy. The company is best known for its UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation sourced entirely of post-consumer blue jeans and is free of harsh chemicals.

    About Cotton Incorporated

    Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. cotton producers and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, conducts worldwide research and promotion activities to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton.

    For more information about the Blue Jeans Go Green program and to learn how to get involved, please visit