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  • More than any election in recent memory the 2016 presidential race has done more harm than good. The hateful divisive rhetoric, the name-calling, all the ugliness has gone on way too long dividing our nation more and more each day. I’m ready for change. I’m ready to fight for the limited election cycle our country so desperately needs.

    If you agree that our election cycle should be shorter, please sign my non-partisan petition today and make your voice heard. #MakeItShort

    Thank you so very much,


  • From now until October 13th, bid for hand-picked items from Sheryl's own closet on eBay for Charity US benefitting Stand Up To Cancer!

    Click here to view the items and bid:

    Stand Up To Cancer:

  • Sponsor my virtual ride with Pelotonia and I might take over your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account for a day!

    I am so excited to join the Pelotonia community this year. As a Survivor, I believe that we all must step up to do our part to end cancer. Too many lives have been affected by this disease & I’m honored to be doing my part to help raise money for vital research at The James. Last year I was able to experience the enthusiasm of this movement when I performed at their year-end party to celebrate more than $106 million raised in just 7 years. I was blown away & knew I had to get more involved. So this year, I'm a Pelotonia Virtual Rider - and I need your help to make it a success!

    Between now and August 5th, 2016 everyone who donates to my virtual ride has a chance to win one of two autographed cycling jerseys, one of three signed CDs, and for the grand prize winner, I will do a social media “takeover” on your page for a day, posting exclusive photos and messages, and telling everyone about it on all MY official social media pages!

    Winners of the CDs and cycling jerseys will be picked over the next week, with the grand prize “takeover” winner announced on August 5th, the day Pelotonia 2016 starts! Winners will be chosen at random from my virtual ride donors. Click here to make a difference in the fight against cancer!